What happened?

In December 4th, i shared a fan-made trailer of my concept called "Need for Speed MostWanted 2"  in my instaprofile and in a few hours the video has reached thousands of likes. In the following days an incredible number of people shared my video hundreds of times in their instagram stories and later reloaded the video on their youtube channels .

In less than a week my video got viral. 

Many youtubers have reviewed my video including LP-Ripper and BlackPhantaa.

video and concept art have been around the world in just a few days, being shared by hundreds of people and my youtube video has more than 2 million view.



A complete reaction to my teaser trailer at 1:02

My fan-art on the cover of the BlackPhantaa's video

A complete review of my teaser trailer and my insta profile!

My fan-art on the cover of the video and my teaser pictures at 15:13


And this, is a small part of your comments:

The same ones that inspired me to move forward in this project.

 Thank you all for the incredible words!